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Training with futurity - future thanks to training

As long as we can remember, Wefapress has been a training company. And those who start an apprenticeship with us often stay for many years - if not for their entire professional life.

Because we offer more: Our trainees don't just work a little with us. They are immediately full team members, take responsibility and can fully contribute their ideas. We support personal development and enable training courses and internships abroad.

In this way, the next generation not only collects a lot of technical know-how - they also grow into our familiar, down-to-earth, but self-confident corporate culture. In the end, it's not just the youngsters who benefit from this. Because Wefapress also lives from the influence of new talent and is thus continuously developing.

Often, training is followed by a permanent job - and at the same time a deep connection with the employees and the company. All of this is why our employees ultimately stay.

And you? Would you also like an exciting apprenticeship at Wefapress? You can find all the information here: Apprenticeship at Wefapress

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