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Wefapress donates circular table saw to "Mit Hand und Herz" volunteers

(Vreden, Germany, June 25, 2018) Flamingos are the secret stars in the Zwillbrocker Venn nature reserve, and they have also been a permanent feature in the Vreden cityscape since 2017. The difference: In one case, they are very lively, and in the other they are popular decorative figures made of wood and steel. Dedicated artisans from the "Mit Hand und Herz" club craft the wooden bodies with great attention to detail. To make their work even easier in the future, Wefapress from Vreden has donated a circular table saw.


"An old tool does not have to be sent directly to the scrap heap," finds Wefapress managing director Gerrit Beck, "even if we are replacing it with more modern machines. This circular table saw provided decades of good service to our company, and now we are happy to see it continue its work and display its full power for a good cause."


Bernhard Tenhumberg (at the very right in the picture), one of the initiators and also the president of "Mit Hand und Herz", completely agrees. "Our club members are carpenters, metalworkers, masons and electricians who want to do more than just sit quietly with their hands in their laps, even in retirement. They are also definitely not ready for the scrap heap. They step up wherever someone needs help, and they pass their knowledge of the traditional trades on to children and young people."


The circular table saw is a welcome addition for the many tasks and new ideas of the currently 30 volunteer enthusiasts. After all, in addition to the popular flamingos, the workshop also produces birdhouses, wild bee "hotels", benches and decorations for various events. As a matter of honor, a flamingo from "Mit Hand und Herz" will soon grace the Wefapress entry area.


"These are seasoned experts who know what they are doing," says managing director Gerrit Beck (3rd from right) as he delivers the circular table saw and happily receives the Wefapress flamingos from the club.