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Wefapress and Wikiplast intensify cooperation

(Vreden, Germany, June 20, 2018) On June 19, 2018 Wefapress Beck + Co. GmbH and the Italian firm Wikiplast Srl announced the start of a long-term strategic alliance: The Vreden specialist for individual plastic solutions is taking over 50 percent of the shares in Wikiplast.

"A few years ago we almost completely withdrew from the Italian market and found Wikiplast to be a valuable partner for our products in the PE area," says Gerrit Beck, CEO of Wefapress, "and now we are raising this joint commitment to a higher level. The new arrangement is a step forwards for us all, because we are even more closely interconnecting our competencies, particularly in automobile and machine manufacturing.

Vanni Vicari, who as a Wikiplast shareholder with his wife Patricia Cavalli is beginning his well-deserved retirement , adds, "It is not easy to leave the company that one has helped to build up, bittersweet best describes the situation. But putting one's own shares into good hands makes it easier to take this step. And this is definitely the case with Wefapress.

Wefapress manufactures ultra-high-molecular-weight and high-molecular-weight polyethylene and processes this and other engineering plastics into finished parts and semi-finished products. The company’s products range from sheets, chain guides and steel C-profiles all the way to individual plastic parts produced from drawings. The owner-run company was founded in 1895 and today employs some 130 people. It supplies various sectors, such as materials-handling technology, the filling and packaging, paper, automotive, and food industries, and machine construction. Wikiplast, which was founded in 2012, has a product range in the PE area that consists 100 percent of Wefapress materials. It also manufactures individual plastic parts.


Gruppenbild_WefapressAlessandro Giana, Verwaltungsrat Wikiplast, Giuseppe Migliavacca, Teilinhaber Wikiplast, Lutz Beck, CEO Wefapress, Patricia Cavalli, Gerrit Beck, CEO Wefapress, und Vanni Vicari (v. l. n. r.) sind sich einig: Wefapress und Wikiplast sind bestens positioniert und werden gemeinsam langfristig noch erfolgreicher sein.
Alessandro Giana, Wikiplast Administrative Board, Giuseppe Migliavacca, Wikiplast shareholder, Lutz Beck, Wefapress CEO, Patrizia Cavalli, Gerrit Beck, CEO Wefapress, and Vanni Vicari (from left to right) agree: Wefapress and Wikiplast are ideally positioned and will be even more successful together over the long term.