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Well-deserved retirement from sales with successor ready to get started

Sales consultant Franz-Josef Verwohlt is virtually an institution unto himself at Wefapress®: in January he takes up his well-deserved retirement after almost 50 years. Since the 1970s he has successfully built up the sales regions of Hesse, Benelux and the UK, developing them as a market for engineering plastics in industry. His successor will be Pirkko Schwanekamp, who has been a member of the Wefapress® team for several years.

Retirement after a solid career.

As someone who has been at the company from day one, Franz-Josef Verwohlt – better known internally and by many customers as “Piko” – is able to look back over 49 years of great success and considerable influence. He started out in the 1970s as a shipping manager then switched to sales, where his talent ensured he was the right man in the right place as far as Wefapress® was concerned. He had a crucial influence on the development of the company as it grew from being a manufacturer of dogchews in the 1980s to what it is today: a specialist producer of plastic engineering parts. He has experienced three generations of Wefapress®: his first boss was Kurt Beck, followed by Lothar Beck and currently Gerrit & Lutz Beck. “Looking back,” he says, “it’s always been a good relationship – at times it's though we were buddies.”

Retirement with peace of mind after induction and handover to his successor.

Professional, friendly and relaxed – this is how Franz-Josef Verwohlt himself describes the relationship he has established with his customers over the years. His personality and his detailed technical knowledge have made him a highly valued consultant, with his longest customer relationship stretching back an impressive 36 years! His successor Pirkko Schwanekamp is likewise a sales expert with her heart and soul who is very familiar with all the peculiarities of the business after nearly six years at Wefapress. So our customers will continue to be in the very best of hands in the future.

Retirement with good prospects

Franz-Josef Verwohlt has concrete plans for his retirement: “I’d like to have some time to myself and also to spend with my three grandchildren – and I want to play tennis, too”. The family and his club TC-Hamaland will be glad to hear it: he plays six to seven championship games in the upper middle category every summer – so it should be easy to keep youngsters in check ;-)!

We’d like to thank our highly esteemed colleague Franz-Josef “Piko” Verwohlt for 49 years of dedicated service in which he has given so much to Wefapress®, growing and developing along with us all. And we wish Pirkko Schwanekamp a successful transition and a good feel for our customers’ needs.

Franz-Josef Verwohlt - in Ruhestand mit Nachfolgerin