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Individual plastic solutions, made according to your specifications

We manufacture plastics in all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a product that perfectly fits your requirements.

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Wefapress® plans the next stage of development

Haven't heard from Wefapress® in a while ... True, but we are always moving! Every hour of every day, week after week. But we don't want to make news out of every progress, we'd rather share important milestones with you. Time for a little update:

The space where our large production hall once stood has been completely cleared, except for the hazardous waste. The site now lies before us like an empty projection surface that can be completely redeveloped. Hall planning and the organization of production processes are in full swing. How can production be improved in the future? Complex production processes are being analyzed and re-evaluated, the process organization is to be redesigned and optimized.

The first CNC machining centers, such as two Hedelius T7-3200 and a DMC 1850 V from DMG Mori, have already been partially commissioned. They will be followed in week 47 by a T7-2600. They are all building elements of a new productivity that both meets the industry's customer requirements and puts more focus on raw materials and resources. It's time to rethink, reinvent and - above all - think big.

Time to rethink process optimization in production

For us, this process is a huge opportunity in which managers and teams are actively working together. They pool their knowledge, map out paths, make sketches and thus work together with experts to develop the plans for a modern, digital Wefapress®. At the same time, we use the time to define common goals, organize roles and responsibilities, redescribe and improve processes, and - above all - shape the way we work together. After all, such a powerful experience not only brings people together, it moves them in the long term.
For a long time, the event of July 3, 2021 was the main focus. We are focusing on positive change, looking forward as usual and from now on no longer looking back. Just as it always has been and always will be with us. That is the constant.
From now on, we will only report on what is to come.
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Prozessoptimierung Produktion