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A new generation in the Wefapress® Sales Department

After over 40 years at Wefapress®, Jürgen Langmesser will be starting his well-deserved retirement at the beginning of December. Successor Niklas Rensing, who has already been on the Wefapress® Team for a number of years, is prepared to take over.

Following a tip from his brother-in-law more than 40 years ago, Jürgen Langmesser started a successful career at Wefapress® in what turned out to be a stroke of luck for our company. He started his career in the Costing Department and after a few years took advantage of the opportunity presented by internal succession to jump to sales of individual plastic solutions, THE core competence of Wefapress®. His recipe for over 40 years of successful work: enjoyment of contact with others, competent and swift responses to requests and, typical for him, a very personal and authoritative manner in dealing with customers and business partners, as well as managers and colleagues. Through the years, this recipe produced wonderful success stories and close contacts, both internally and externally.

One might think that this is not an easy act for his future successor, Niklas Rensing, to follow. But there is no need to worry – Jürgen Langmesser was personally a strong voice with general managers Gerrit and Lutz Beck for his young colleague and he worked with his successor to prepare a "farewell tour".

After completing his industrial management training at Wefapress®, Niklas Rensing was a hopeful member of the junior staff. Working in the reserve pool, he was able to gain deep insights into the many areas in the company and, sometimes under Jürgen Langmesser's guidance, he also learned early on about the special requirements for sales in our family-owned company with its long tradition. Our customers can look forward to an ambitious sales representative who will reach out to them, offer them support if there are problems, and win them over with his friendly open manner. We support him 100 percent.

Our special thanks, combined with best wishes for his personal future, go to our very esteemed colleague, Jürgen Langmesser, who is now passing on to a colleague the baton that he once received himself.

Personalentwicklung Wefapress – Ruhestand Langmesser