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The Wefapress® “screw machine” at the hands-on conveyor technology museum!

Our Wefapress® “snail machine” trade show exhibit was recently added to the hands-on conveyor technology museum (Erlebnismuseum Fördertechnik) in Sinsheim. In keeping with the museum’s motto: “Learning through creative play”, a start button is provided in Wefapress® green which invites users to set the machine in motion, allowing them to learn about the principle of the screw conveyor with the help of colorful plastic balls.

“We’re very pleased to have received this donation from Wefapress”, says Konstantin Eck, educational director of the Sinsheim museum. “As an exhibit, it’s a real eye-catcher that demonstrates impressively what modern conveyor technology looks like in industry using conveyor screws made of plastic. This is precisely what a hands-on museum like ours needs!”

Nobby explains the Wefapress® screw machine.

“Nobby” the interactive, self-driving robot now also has the main facts about the Wefapress® screw machine saved on his hard drive. He accompanies both young and old visitors through the museum, taking them to each individual exhibit and telling them about each one!

Understanding the conveyor technology principle

Our screw machine is in excellent company at the hands-on conveyor technology museum founded by Norbert Axmann in 2012: numerous interesting exhibits from the field of conveyor technology are shown here in three large halls – from bygone ages through to modern times. From simple pulleys to conveyor belts and from post/package sorting machines and pallet conveyors through to pneumatic post systems.

“The Wefapress® exhibit expands our exhibition, providing school classes and technician colleges with additional insights into the possibilities of conveyor technology,” said Konstantin Eck, as he presented Wefapress® Sales Director Markus Voß with four vouchers for admission tickets by way of a thank-you. A prize draw for the tickets will be held on Facebook.

Incidentally, Wefapress® conveyor and transport conveyors are used as individual plastic parts in mechanical engineering and plant construction, in the food industry and in automation.

Teaserbild Newsbeitrag Exponat Erlebnismuseum Fördertechnik