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The revolution from the attic: plastic loom picker!

Had everything started with pickers for looms in 1895, they were also the focus of another milestone of the company:

It is the middle of the 1950s when managing director Kurt Beck and his son Kurt-Günther - working as a doctoral chemist at Ruhrkohle AG - made the plan to improve the picker.

When the son was visiting home, the two of them retreated to the attic to experiment and experiment. Together with Dr. Ziegler from the Max Planck Institute was tried out on the composition of the plastic, tested, one plan after the other was rejected and started again - until the breakthrough finally came.

And the new plastic pickers kept what the father-son team hoped for: if a loom had previously used around eight pickers made of rawhide per year, there were now only two plastic pickers. Lifetime quadrupled! The top of the company proudly presented the revolution in 1955 at the plastics fair K in Düsseldorf.

In this way, the pioneering new pickers paved the way for the raw material that we are all about today: plastic. And with the drive to innovate that distinguished the father-son duo, we want to continue to develop further in the future.

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