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Individual plastic solutions, made according to your specifications

We manufacture plastics in all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a product that perfectly fits your requirements.

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Wefapress- pioneers in PE processing

Semi-finished parts

As the world's first producer of polyethylene sheets, we maintain a constantly growing network, which includes excellent contacts to raw material suppliers and machine manufacturers. Take advantage of our exceptional knowledge of raw materials and superior production capabilities. Our optimized production processes and the know-how of our highly experienced employees are your guarantee of superior quality products. In addition to our range of standard sheets and rods, we also enjoy a sterling reputation as “problem solvers" for special projects.

Why choose Wefapress?

  • Decades of experience (since 1955)
  • Availability at short notice thanks to our extensive warehouse stock
  • Available dimensions: Lengths up to 10,250 mm, widths up to 2,560 mm and thicknesses up to 200 mm
  • Cuts up to 650 mm thick using state-of-the-art welding technology
  • Wide range of colours to choose from and low minimum order requirements
  • A variety of PE modifications for special areas of application
  • Planing capacities to 1330 mm (Rotoplast), to 2050 mm cutter block (REX)
  • Online access to warehouse for fast transactions
  • Made to measure - individual cuts made in no time.


PE sheets available ex stock

With a maximum length of 10,000 mm (max. width 1,250 mm), a maximum width of 2,500 mm (max. length 6,100 mm) and pressing thickness up to 200 mm, our presses can produce almost all conventional semi-finished parts from PE-UHMW and PE-HMW in a wide range of materials and colours. Alongside our standard quality materials such as St 1000 (PE-UHMW), St 500 (PE-HMW) and A4 (reclaimed PE-UHMW), we also offer a wide range of premium quality materials. Our warehouse, which spans some 2000 m², enables us to supply materials at very short notice.

Questions about our range of plastics? We are always happy to advise you. Alternatively, take a look at our range of products online. Click here to find out about our range of material qualities.

Characteristics of PE-UHMW and PE-HMW:

  • High wear resistance (especially PE-UHMW)
  • High flexibility and impact resistance
  • Good sliding properties
  • Almost completely water-resistant
  • Low density gment-->
  • High resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals
  • Effective electrical insulator

In addition to the tried and tested range of Wefapress PE-UHMW and PE-HMW products, we also offer semi-finished parts in other engineering plastics such as PA, POM, PET, PTFE, as well as others.

Check availability online

Take advantage of our WefaStore online service! Once registered, you will be able to find out whether the material of your choice is available at short notice by checking our warehouse stock online.

  • Semi-finished parts


Available ex store or manufactured individually for you.

Rods with a diameter of 250 mm are delivered in extruded form. Our rods are available ex store in St 1000 (PE-UHMW) in natural, green and black from 20 - 250 mm. You can check availability using our online WefaStore service.

Get in touch with us to find out about minimum order requirements and delivery schedules for materials of non-standard qualities and sizes (up to Ø 500 mm) and to find out about special colours.

Overview of rods
RAM-X extruded made from St 1000 (PE-UHMW)

  • Diameter: 20 to 250 mm
  • Length: 1,000 mm / 2,000 mm
  • Colours: natural, green, black and signal blue

Other colours, lengths and materials available on request

  • PE Rods

Custom cuts - delivered according to your requirements to save you time

We deliver custom products, enabling you to focus on production

We offer an extensive range of semi-finished parts made from PE, POM and PA, as well as other materials. Save time and money with our custom-made cuts, manufactured to your individual requirements. Simply provide the dimensions you require and place your order for quick and flexible delivery.

Save money and time thanks to:

  • No handling and processing time
  • Reduction in waste materials, no offcuts or leftover pieces
  • No storage requirements


Block of PE up to 500 mm thick

Thanks to our state-of-the-art welding technology, we are able to offer a maximum thickness of up to 500 mm on cuts up to 1,200 mm long and 1,150 mm wide for special PE applications. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

  • Custom cuts