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Individual plastic solutions, made according to your specifications

We manufacture plastics in all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a product that perfectly fits your requirements.

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FlexGuard - ideal for your pick up roll

Seal strips for pick up rolls

Our FlexGuard material (rubber graphite) is commonly installed in paper machines of all sizes worldwide. Minimal abrasion, excellent emergency running properties, long service life and simple handling make this material stand out. FlexGuard seal strips can be delivered in lengths up to 12 metres.

Special finger joint connection

At Wefapress, we are able to manufacture seal strips up to 12 m long for paper machines with very large work surfaces. We also offer seal strips - in particular, wide 'silencer' seal strips - as two separate parts with a plug-in connection. The plug-in connection is built to be completely airtight and not only makes handling and assembly much easier, it also facilitates storage and transport.

Individual solutions for all uses

Another great benefit of using flexible seal strips made from rubber graphite is that they are not as easily breakable as the graphite seal strips used in the past. FlexGuard can be used with all pick up rolls, whether it be for pulp, card, tissue or paper machines and regardless of whether the roll shell is made of bronze or stainless steel.

  • FlexGuard

Advantages of FlexGuard seal strips

  • Easy handling without risk of breakage
  • Excellent emergency running properties and minimal abrasion
  • Quiet operation thanks to sturdy vacuum unit
  • Low levels of abrasion can double service life
  • Reduction of drive power