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Food secure with Wefapress

Products for the food industry

Colour pigments, separating agents and additives: The interaction between foodstuffs and foreign substances can carry certain risks. In order to minimise these risks and prevent any possible contamination, the European Commission introduced a regulation in January 2011 on materials and objects made from plastic. Wefapress already consider these requirements essential. A large proportion of the materials we use for the food industry meet the guidelines of the EU regulation and are therefore classed as "food secure".

Better protection against migration

The food industry works in accordance with strict hygiene standards, which also apply to interactions with plastics. Plastics must be deemed physiologically harmless before they can come into contact with food. The EU regulation from 2011 on plastic production and processing aims to eliminate the risk of the harmful effects caused by the migration of substances.

This not only protects the health of the consumer, but also the composition of the food and its organoleptic properties. The following individual provisions of framework regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004 are particularly relevant: EU regulation no. 10/2011 (PIM), which defines contact between plastic and foodstuffs.

The key points of EU regulation no. 10/2011

Migration test

Required for standard tests with food simulants, times and temperatures, which reflect real situations. The following elements are tested: OML (overall migration limit), maximum quantities a material is allowed to emit, as well as SML (specific migration limit), the maximum quantity of a substances that can enter into food.

Declaration of conformity

Contains information regarding food regulations and suitability guidelines on possible uses. The declaration is valid until a change is made to the material, consequently altering migration rates, or until new scientific knowledge is developed.


    The material must be traceable throughout every stage of the value chain.

    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

    The manufacture must take place in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006, also known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which regulates the quality system, quality control system and documentation.

    Shared responsibility of all parties concerned with the manufacturing process

    EU regulation no. 10/2011 relates to the manufacturing of all food contact materials and applies to the entire supply chain including manufacturing, processing and distribution. The conformity of products and processes must be ensured and confirmed across all stages of production. The final distribution company is then able to issue the final declaration of conformity.

    List of raw and auxiliary materials

    Defines the materials to use for production: Only monomers, additives auxiliary materials (e.g. drilling emulsion, cleaning agents) from the Union list (appendix one of EU regulation no. 10/2011 may be used in the manufacturing of food secure products.


    Why choose Wefapress plastic solutions?

    • Industry expertise: Here at Wefapress, we have been working with companies in the food industry for many years.
    • Experience with EU regulations: We have been dealing with EU regulation no. 10/2011 on a regular basis since 2012. A large proportion of our material types made from polythene (PE-UHMW and PE-HMW) and other thermoplastics conform to the regulation. These products all carry the Wefapress FSP (Food Safe Product) label.
    • Individual calculation of migration: We are happy to provide advice on how to calculate migration. We can provide you with access to empirical data in the form of available test results to save you time and money.
    • All the information you need about FSP-label products You will receive the relevant declaration of conformity including test results.