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Individual plastic solutions, made according to your specifications

We manufacture plastics in all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a product that perfectly fits your requirements.

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For careful, smooth transportation of goods

Plastic transportation augers and screw conveyors

At Wefapress, you can count on our extensive experience in manufacturing plastic transportation augers and screw conveyors. We provide all the solutions you need under one roof, from the plastic manufacturing stage, through the expert advice we offer during the construction and development stages right up to the delivery of a fully functional plastic transport auger or screw conveyor.

Screw lengths up to 10,000 mm for one single piece

At our machinery park, we are able to manufacture transport plastic augers and screw conveyors in lengths of up to 10,000 mm in one single piece. There are various types of thermoplastic materials available, including PE-UHMW / PE 1000, POM, and PA in both their pure and modified forms and in a comprehensive range of colours for your conveyor system.

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Harness the power of plastic

Plastic transport augers and conveyor screws have several benefits and are an excellent solution for the safe transportation of goods according to the individual needs of your company. Plastic transport augers and screw conveyors generate significantly less operating noise than a metal feed screw and depending on the material used, are often much lighter. In addition, a plastic conveyor screw is easy to clean and has excellent sliding properties.

Plastic transport augers and screw conveyors have a high-quality surface that protects products during transportation. Their surface is also abrasion-resistant and has a high notched impact strength, which ensures longer durability. What's more, the surface has a low centrifugal force and 100% reproducibility.

Flexible applications

Wefapress plastic transportation augers and conveyor screws ensure quick, continuous, precise and careful transportation of your products to help you increase your production output. We manufacture conveyor screws for transportation, packing and dispensing of bulk materials, as well as transport augers for separating, positioning, turning or grouping goods. With the help of our modern CAD/CAM system and internally developed programme, we are able to design and manufacture individual transportation augers and screw conveyors from plastic quickly and according to your requirements.


    Why choose Wefapress transportation augers and screw conveyors?

    • Low friction levels
    • Lightweight
    • Excellent surface quality
    • Noise insulation properties
    • Identical reproduction
    • High notched impact strength
    • Comprehensive range of colours
    • Optimal sliding properties
    • Low centrifugal force