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We manufacture plastics in all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a product that perfectly fits your requirements.

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Try using plastic instead – Top quality for industry

Never change a running system: This motto may apply in many cases, but it is also wrong just as often. Because sometimes companies have to strike out in new directions in their production areas. Just one of many examples: A textile company's supplier, which specializes in the production of gearwheels made of wood, announced it would be ceasing operations in the near future. Consequently, our customer raised a number of questions: Who can deliver the parts we need for the machines? Should they continue to be made out of wood, or would a substitution, for example, with plastic, be worth considering? And which manufacturer can implement the special requirements?

Very little time passed from the inquiry at Wefapress regarding changing the material from wood to plastic, to the sample inspection and tender preparation and on to the to the production release. After all, our high-performance thermoplastic materials offer many benefits, both economically and qualitatively. They are light, impact resistant, corrosion resistant and vastly superior to classic materials such as metal and wood. The large variety of materials and colors ensures the right solution for every application. These are all advantages that completely won over our customer.

Are you curious about which solutions and treatments are possible with plastic? Simply send us a product inquiry with a drawing or sample to receive an offer at no charge. We offer assistance throughout the entire development process thanks to a competent team of applications technicians and engineers and provide free consultation, including on location at your site for more complex applications. Perhaps your company could also profit by substituting plastic for wood, metal or other materials.

You can obtain further insights into the possibilities that Wefapress offers you on the materials and machinery plant pages on wefapress.com or on our YouTube channel. Check it out now!

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