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Standing up to high temperatures - the St 7000® EHT engineering plastic from Wefapress®.

Wherever high temperatures make stringent demands on engineering plastic, our St 7000® EHT is the material of choice. Thanks to a special additive, it is especially heat-resistant and can withstand elevated permanent temperatures of up to 100°C or even up to 135°C for short periods. And what is more: thanks to the additional treatment with oxidation-inhibiting additives a longer service life is ensured - especially at higher temperatures.

135°C peak temperature - our plastic St 7000® EHT for industry will perform reliably!

Large-scale bakeries, where ovens are in continuous operation, are a good example for the highest demands made on technical equipment in connection with high temperature ranges. The pure material PE-UHMW is not sufficient here, but thanks to St 7000® EHT, it is possible to benefit from the well-known PE-UHMW properties – also in extreme temperature ranges.

In general, St 7000® EHT is ideally suited for plants, facilities and equipment in the food and beverage industry. Our St 7000® EHT plastic is food-safe, heat-resistant and impresses particularly when it comes to cleaning the equipment, since the plastic, addition to the temperature resistance described above, exhibits high chemical resistance and does not absorb moisture.

St 7000® EHT - perfect properties for the food industry and beyond

But that's not all - it goes without saying that our material, which has been further developed on the basis of PE-UHMW, meets the full range of food conformity requirements. The material complies with FDA guidelines and is also available as FSP quality, which complies with the regulations (EC) No. 1935/2004 and (EU) No. 10/2011.

What is more, technical plastic parts and components made of St 7000® EHT are not only finding use in the food, beverage and filling industries. Thanks to the outstanding properties of our starting material PE-UHMW, this plastic is suitable for a wide range of additional applications. For example, seals and pumps for the chemical industry, sliding profiles for conveyor technology and automation and headbox diffusor blocs and coating rod beds for paper industry are made of St 7000® EHT, among other products and components.

St 7000® EHT in detail

Our PE-UHMW-based, industrial material St 7000® EHT is available in neutral signal white. Once again, here is an overview of the most important properties:

  • Continuous temperature >100 °C; briefly up to +135 °C depending on load
  • FDA approved

  • Compliant with the regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 [as FSP quality]

  • Good gliding properties

  • High chemical resistance

  • High wear resistance

  • No moisture absorption

Would you like Wefapress® to provide you with more in-depth information about St 7000® EHT or other engineering plastics and their applications? We would be more than happy to do so, because we excel in developing customer-specific plastics solutions for industry. Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry and will gladly advise you on individual solutions for your specific application area, in whatever industry or sector you may be active in.

A wide range of products is also available for standard application areas. Find out more in our overview of engineering plastics and let us advise you on the design and manufacture of your plastic parts! Our customer service team is looking forward to your product inquiry.

St 7000 EHT - für extreme Temperaturen geeignet