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Wefapress drainage elements made of CeramX® – a beneficial hybrid

Hybrid-based products in science and technology have long ceased to be a distant vision of the future – this can be seen clearly in our day-to-lives, where we regularly come across these fusions of complex technologies. The most obvious example is the smartphone – a mobile computer with an integrated camera that makes both life and work easier. Or cars powered by both an electric motor and a combustion engine. Wefapress® also draws on the benefits of hybrid technology, using it to develop innovative products. As an example: drainage elements made of CeramX®, used in the paper industry.

Why paper manufacturers use CeramX

CeramX® drainage elements combine the properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) and ceramics. This makes the elements as flexible as normal plastic, almost as wear-resistant as ceramics and easy to handle. Drainage elements made of CeramX® last at least twice as long as those made of normal plastic. Another advantage: all-ceramics are very fragile and form sharp edges in the event of damage: this can destroy the paper machine clothing, thereby incurring high follow-up costs. This is exactly what CeramX® prevents: it is not fragile, it is softer than the machine wire and does not form sharp edges in the event of breakage – so the wire and the press felt are not damaged.

CeramX® offers twice the benefit in terms of cost.

What is more, the cost factor should not be underestimated. Drainage elements made of CeramX® cost considerably less than all-ceramic parts – a factor that applies not just at the time of purchase. Considering ceramics are fragile, sufficient replacement material always has to be kept in stock. CeramX® offers twice the benefit here. Not only are the drainage elements easy to replace on the paper machine, they also tie up less capital in terms of spare parts storage.

Does this kind of solution sound perfect to you? Is it exactly the kind of thing you’ve been looking for? If so, simply get in touch with us: we’ll be happy to advise you on drainage elements made of CeramX® by Wefapress®!

Entwässerungselemente für Ihre Papiermaschine aus CeramX - Wefapress