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Individual plastic solutions, made according to your specifications

We manufacture plastics in all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a product that perfectly fits your requirements.

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Colored plastics from Wefapress® will make your plastic part unique!

Colors serve the purpose of communication, information and design. They convey symbolic messages, send signals or act as an aid to orientation. When it comes to safety at work or the optimization of paths and processes, industry also uses the effect of color – for example, to protect employees or make production processes more efficient.

Wefapress® can supply plastics on the basis of PE-UHMW and other engineering plastics in an unprecedented variety of colors: 40 standard colors (Wefapress color chart for downloading) and 60 further project colors are available for the unmistakable marking of machine components in production machines and technical systems. In the form of semi-finished products or separate plastic parts individually produced in your color of choice.

Engineering plastic parts in the CI of the company

It doesn’t always have to be green, white or black! Because colors make a brand unmistakable. So why not extend the look of your company’s individual CI throughout production and processing? With colored plastic parts in your own corporate colors from Wefapress®! That fosters a sense of identity among employees and creates awareness among customers. Simply order the color of your choice and set yourself apart from the crowd.

  • Individual plastic solutions such as milled and turned plastic parts superbly suited to all sectors and for all requirements thanks to their physical properties.
  • Transport screws and screw conveyors of plastic for the smooth, gentle conveying of bottles, cups or other containers.
  • Thanks to gearwheels made from high-performance thermoplastics such as PE, POM, PA or PET which are more than a match for components made of other materials and can replace them.


Farbige Kunststoffe bei Wefapress – Unterscheidungsmerkmal Farbe
"“Find the difference”"
Same shape, different drill holes.
Color as a clear distinguishing feature.


Colored plastic parts – safely, uniquely identifiable, cost-effective

Colored plastic parts offer safety and save time and money as they make maintenance fast and easy and cannot be mixed up. Both in complex machines and the warehouse. So there are good reasons for the unique, color identification of engineering plastic parts for machines and systems.

Safety: Colors can signal danger or act as an orientation aid. The colored engineering plastic parts from Wefapress® have the same effect. Installed in the danger zone of a system in a signal color, they ensure the necessary attention, thereby enhancing safety for man and machine. Particularly when contrasted with parts of an inconspicuous color.

Cost-effectiveness: Every single component in a machine must guarantee the safety of production. Breakdowns and lengthy downtime cannot be countenanced. But how to tell the difference between similar components without doubt when working under pressure? The solution: An unambiguous color code for all plastic parts in the company makes it easier to swap parts when changing tools or formats, thus ensuring a smoother production process.

There are scarcely any limits to the colors, shapes and areas of application for engineering plastics at Wefapress®.

Just ask us if you would like a plastic in a certain color or a custom product. We will be happy to assist you with our engineered plastic components. At short notice and without any high minimum order quantity – if the material is not available from the warehouse. Our customer service is looking forward to your product enquiry.

Farbige Kunststoffe bei Wefapress